Delta Xi Phi Convention

Delta Xi Phi sisters from across the country met up in Las Vegas, Nevada during the first weekend of August for the 12th annual National Convention hosted by the Delta Xi Phi National Board. Sisters spent the “Diamonds are Forever” themed weekend participating in officer training, taking care of national business, and enjoying the sights and attractions of Las Vegas.

Normally, chapters have held conventions at their local universities, hosting sisters in dorms and holding meetings in lecture halls and classrooms. This year, sisters stayed at the Hampton Inn Tropicana near the Las Vegas Strip where the meetings were also held, a convention first.

“One thing I really liked about convention this year, was the hotel that it was held in,” says Amanda Laney, National Secretary, “From a national board perspective it was a lot easier to have everything held in the same place as we were already staying, that made it much easier to keep all the business on schedule!”

This year was the second time that convention has been held in a city where there is no DXP chapter. Last year, the sisters of the Gamma Associate Chapter hosted the 11th annual National Convention in Memphis, TN.

“Since the only other convention I went to was local, I really enjoyed traveling and experiencing a new town!  It is always a wonderful feeling to explore a new city, see landmarks and tourist traps, and see, first hand, how different locales in the USA offer different and wonderful things!” says Tara Pflomm, Gamma Associate Chapter President.

Something unique at this year’s convention was the group community service project. A speaker was brought in to share her experience about being HIV positive, since the DXP service initiative for the past school year had been Keep A Child Alive, an organization that helps children with HIV and AIDS. Sisters were split into groups and made books that would educate children on the topic of AIDS. The winning group wrote, We Still Love Aiden, a book about a boy living with AIDS, and will have their book published. All proceeds from the book will be donated to Keep A Child Alive.

Another highlight of the weekend was meeting sisters from other chapters across the country and mingling with them. During their free time, DXP sisters were able to visit the attractions of Las Vegas. A lot of sisters visited the famous Las Vegas Strip and took in the sights with sisters they had just met, from other chapters.

“I love interacting with sorors from different chapters. Talking about the differences, hearing about their experience but still being able to get along and vibe so easily. It’s great,” says Tiffany Reese, Kappa Associate Chapter.

“Getting to know sisters from across the country was wonderful. We usually live so far away that getting together is often rather difficult and doesn’t happen as often as (I think) it should,” says Nicki Adams, Sigma Associate Chapter.