Delta Xi Phi Awards Scholarship to Phi Chapter Sister

Delta Xi Phi Multicultural Sorority’s Brandy Nicole “Nikki” Murphy scholarship was awarded last year to a sister who demonstrated excellence in academics while enriching her college experience participating in various organizations on campus.

Lea Madry, a founding sister of the Phi Chapter, was awarded the annual scholarship for her accomplishments in academics and extracurricular activities. A senior at The Ohio State University, Madry has been involved in about 17 organizations, committees and programs throughout her college career, holding several leadership positions.

With such dedication to these organizations, Madry still managed to find time to study although she sometimes had to give up a little sleep in order to manage.

“I’m a first generation college student and I grew up very much aware of the struggle my family went through to just so we could have the basic necessities. I’ve never forgotten what that was like. Because of this, I feel that I am just so fortunate to be able to be in college, to serve others, to enrich my community and to be able to look forward to the future that giving up a little sleep, not having a lot of down time and being pretty busy is hardly a sacrifice – it’s a gift,” Madry said.

Madry was busiest during her sophomore and junior years when she was also involved in bringing Delta Xi Phi to the Ohio State campus. She is one of eleven sisters who established the Phi Chapter on March 7, 2009. Some of the other organizations she was involved with are organizations that reflected one or more of the Delta Xi Phi pillars.

“Of all the groups at Ohio State, there was not an organization that aligned with all of my core values: serving others and my community, dedicating myself to issues of diversity and multiculturalism, sustaining meaningful relationships and excelling scholarship,” Madry has said of her motivation of bringing Delta Xi Phi to campus.

When Madry heard her name called as the 2009 recipient of the annual scholarship at the sorority’s national convention in Memphis, Tenn., she was “overwhelmed with gratitude” and shocked. It was an amazing feeling especially since she almost did not apply.

“I had wanted to apply for the scholarship previously, but I was a newer sister so I thought I wouldn’t really have a chance at receiving the Brandy Murphy Memorial Scholarship, as I consider it to be an enormous, enormous honor in the memory of our late sister,” Madry said. “But, when I realized my financial situation, I decided to apply nonetheless. I really was shocked when I received the scholarship. It means so much to me that the amazing sisters on our national board saw fit to award me the Brandy Murphy Memorial Scholarship. I am so thankful.”

Madry graduated this spring quarter with a major in sociology and will be attending the University of Chicago Law School.

“I’ve always wanted to go to U of C Law School, and I feel like it’s just a dream-come-true that I’m actually going there. I know I’m going to have my work cut out for me, but I live for a challenge!”

By Izzie Karpierz